Worksop: Ex-town cop sacked after abusing position for sex

Young at an earlier hearing
Young at an earlier hearing

A former Worksop cop has been dismissed without notice for gross misconduct after he admitted abusing his position for sex.

PC Chris Young, 47, most recently based as a response officer at Hucknall, and previously based at Worksop, admitted abusing his position dating back to 2005, when he met and pursued sexual relationships with women he had met as part of his policing duties.

He also admitted misusing police systems and mishandling a piece of property.

Young had requested to resign prior to the hearing, but the Chief Constable refused this, believing it in the public interest following a criminal trial in which he was acquitted, for him to face a misconduct hearing and appear before a panel in respect of the allegations made.

Police officers are governed by a Code of Conduct, and as such different standards apply to them in addition to criminal law.

The force aims to ensure trust and confidence through transparent discipline processes, which have also recently been enshrined in new legislation.

At the hearing, which was held earlier this week, Young accepted the breaches, which were deemed to have amounted to gross misconduct, and he was dismissed without notice.

Det Supt Jackie Alexander, head of the Professional Standards Directorate, said: “It was very difficult for these women, as they were naturally concerned about talking to the police – because a police officer, someone in a position of authority, had already abused their trust.

“It is testament to these women, and the officers engaging with them that they were able to talk about what had happened to them, and he has subsequently been dismissed from the force.

“The public puts their trust in the police to help and support them and detect crime and in Nottinghamshire we are determined that they can have this trust 100% of the time, with every single officer and staff member.”