Worksop: Elderly knife point victim tells of terrifying Christmas ordeal

A general view of Dickens Road in Worksop.
A general view of Dickens Road in Worksop.

A pensioner in Worksop who was threatened at knife point in her own home at Christmas has told the Guardian of her terrifying ordeal.

The 73-year-old woman, who only wants to be identified as Jean, of Dickens Road, had her presents stolen by a burglar on the evening of Friday 19th December.

The elderly lady, who has lived in the area for 40 years, said she had never experienced anything like this before and that it was a quiet street.

“He said ‘I’m on drugs, I’m on drugs, I want money,’” Jean said.

“I grappled with him out on the front door and he said he had a knife.”

“I thought to myself ‘oh my lord’ because I didn’t want him to cut me.”

“He did say that he didn’t want to hurt me.”

Jean told this newspaper that the offender swiped her presents off the sideboard that friends and family had delivered.

“He took a bag full of presents which was from a friend who lives in France.”

“I tried to get to the phone in the kitchen but he took it off me and put it in his pocket,” Jean said.

“He took my car keys and locked me in the house. I was in a panic and got out with a spare key.”

A neighbour across the street, known as Dan Cookson, then helped Jean and managed to call the police.

“I want to give a special mention to Dan because he helped me,” Jean added.

“He took care of me until the police came. Everybody has been fantastic, all the neighbours, everyone.”

Joshua Thompson, of Osberton View, sent Jean a letter after collecting around 18 donations for her from local people.

The letter said: “I am really sorry to hear what happened. Nobody should go without presents at Christmas. Not everybody is like this and I hope you get your gifts back.”