Worksop: Ed Miliband quizzed by employees at B&Q Warehouse on local issues

MP Ed Miliband visits B&Q, Worksop
MP Ed Miliband visits B&Q, Worksop

Bassetlaw MP John Mann has said criminal court cases could return to the town if Labour wins the general election in May.

The Labour MP joined Ed Miliband in his visit to the B&Q Warehouse on Retford Road in Worksop on Thursday 8th January.

MP Ed Miliband visits B&Q, Worksop

MP Ed Miliband visits B&Q, Worksop

Mr Mann told the Guardian that he has suggested to Mr Miliband that town halls could be used as ‘pop-up’ courts to hear criminal cases.

“When we campaigned to keep Worksop Magistrates’ Court open, I suggested to Ed Miliband that if the courts were to close, it’s going to been difficult to re-open them,” Mr Mann said.

“Why not use town halls? Because you can put a court in a town hall and that can be the court on certain days. That is what he has adopted and he has announced it over Christmas.”

“It can be council one day and the courts the next day. Critically for us, this would bring the courts back to Worksop. In terms of justice, that is huge.”

Mr Mann said he has also given his backing for a major re-build of Bassetlaw Hospital.

“There is a plan with Bassetlaw Hospital for major re-build, extension to it,” he said.

“I have given it my backing, it includes some selling off of land but it needs Government guarantees. Obviously, after the election we need the Government guarantees so everything can go ahead.”

The Guardian understands that Mr Mann wants to see the whole of the land along the A1 zoned as industrial land.

“With the new Government, if there is cash incentives, I want all of them and I will be twisting arms,” he said. So if you want to invest here, a massive factory, you are struggling for land. Even though we have got loads of land it is farm land, I want some of that farm land zoned as industrial land.”

The Labour MP is also keen for more leisure facilities to be made available to young people in the town.

“One of the things I have spoke privately to Ed Miliband is that there are not enough leisure facilities in Worksop,” Mr Mann said.

“One of the things I want to do is try get the Worksop Town Football Club venture together. But Worksop Town is not just about the main club, that’s about all the kids teams as well. If we can get proper facilities in behind some of the community sports teams who deal with kids, that gives them sustainability for the future and we need to be offering kids far more round here.”

Hundreds of employees dressed in hi-viz vests quizzed Mr Miliband on a variety of topics including providing more support to working mums, NHS, free school meals, apprenticeships, immigration, EU, regeneration and UKIP policies.

“The most important thing the people of Worksop want to know is that they have a Government that understands their lives and that is the Government that I would offer,” Mr Miliband told the Guardian.

“I think what we have got is policies that will really put working people of Worksop first.”

Mr Miliband said that if elected, he will be able to get young people in the town the training they require to find work.

“I want them to feel as though this country works for them,” he said.

“Whether it is guaranteeing them a job or getting them training.”

“The country is run by the people who turn up so I want to really encourage people to get involved and vote.”