Worksop: Ducks shot in Canch

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Parents are worried and animal protection groups concerned after a number of ducks were found dead in the Canch.

The birds found in the Memorial Avenue park are believed to have been killed by people shooting at them with BB guns.

The regular shootings, which are reported to be taking place at around 8am, are causing local residents anxiety over the proximity of such weapons to young children.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, said a friend had been threatened with a gun when he had confronted perpetrators.

She added: “I’ve reported it three times now, people are shooting at ducks near the nursery.”

“I know it’s the holidays, but children are still around and it only takes one stray shot to do damage.”

“Nobody wants to see ducks lying dead in the park, it’s awful.”

She went on to express concern that people would be driven away from the Canch if the shooting continued, depriving them of what she called one of the ‘nice areas in Worksop.’

A police spokesperson indicated that whilst they were unaware of the alleged reports, they were looking into the issue and would take action if people were found with weapons in the Canch.

if you see anybody you believe to be carrying a weapon in public, contact police immediately.