Worksop: Doorman sexually assaulted young woman in back of car on night out, court hears

Nottingham Crown COurt.
Nottingham Crown COurt.

A doorman sexually assaulted a young woman on a night out in Worksop in the back of a car during a short journey between pubs, a court was told.

Former soldier, Charles Williams, got into the back of the car with the victim and her friend and molested her in the few minutes it took to travel from one bar to the next.

The 33-year-old was jailed for 18 months at Nottingham Crown Court in June last year, after being convicted of the assault.

Details of his crime emerged this month as he tried to clear his name at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, arguing he did not receive a fair trial.

But his appeal bid was rejected by two of the country’s top judges, who said his trial was fair and his conviction ‘safe’.

The assault took place in 2013, after the victim and a friend accepted an offer of a lift from Williams and two of his friends during a night out in Worksop town centre.

Williams got into the back of the car with the two women, while one of his friends drove and the other got into the passenger seat.

During the brief journey, Williams molested the victim.

He denied any wrongdoing and, despite having given his phone number to the victim, said he was a ‘family man’ and not attracted to her.

The jury did not believe him and found him guilty.

Challenging his conviction, he argued that an important defence witness was not called during his trial and criticised his barrister.

But, dismissing his appeal, Mrs Justice Thirlwall said it was clear the decision not to call the witness was a ‘tactical one’.His barrister handled the case properly and Williams, of Dunnock Close, Ravenshead, could not try to re-run his defence just because he was found guilty.

“In our judgment, the trial was fair, there are no grounds of appeal and this application is dismissed,” said the judge.