Worksop: Dementia group make care guide booklet to help others

A group of residents from Worksop , who have dementia have helped to make a care booklet that will assist people in Nottinghamshire who suffer from the same illness.

Monday, 29th September 2014, 12:00 pm

A total of twelve people with dementia and their carers, helped to create the 16-page booklet, which includes an explanation of how a personal budget works and organisations and support groups for people with dementia.

The project was carried out by the Notts County Council who are in partnership with Alzheimer’s Society.

Together, their aim is to encourage people with dementia to have greater control of their own personal care budgets, which will help people retain more of their freedom.

A personal budget will enable people eligible for social care to know how much money they can have for their support and it gives them greater choice in how it is spent.

Amanda Neilson from Worksop, whose partner David has been diagnosed with dementia said: “The carers group we have formed in Worksop is pro-active, happy to share our experiences with other carers.”

“I was pleased to be involved with this project, I feel the up-to-date booklet gives a clear explanation and easy to understand guidelines for anyone who needs information relating to a personal budget.”

Personal can be in the form of direct payments, which allows people to arrange and pay for their own care support services, along with a managed personal budget for people who would like their local authority to arrange and manage the services on their behalf.

Helen Byrne from Alzheimer’s Society in Nottinghamshire said: “We were aware that improving the dementia diagnosis rate is a fundamental challenge, but we were also concerned with what happens next after diagnosis.”

“We are keen to make sure people are made aware of their rights, choices and opportunities with the care and support that they may need.”

Vice-Chair of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Adult Social Care and Health Committee, Coun Yvonne Woodhead, added: “The local group has helped us to create a booklet that is appealing to read and easy to understand. As this group is the target audience of this booklet they have a an insight into what people in a similar situation need .”

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