Worksop: ‘Death row’ dog climbs Ben Nevis

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A one-year-old dog which was on ‘death row’ has just returned from climbing Ben Nevis.

Susie and Neil Spence, of Worksop, went on holiday to Scotland with their daughter Stephanie and friend Steven Woodcock, at the beginning of June and decided to take Daisy, a Spaniel Labrador Cross, with them.

Daisy had previously been found wandering in Wakefield and was a matter of days away from being put down.

Instead, she was taken into Babworth Animal Rescue Kennels in Retford and just months later, she was trekking up the biggest mountain in the British Isles standing at 1,344 metres above sea level.

Susie Spence said: “We are still in awe about it really.”

“It is one of the most amazing things that we have done as a family.”

“It was particularly special as we did it for Babworth Animal Rescue.”

“We are very proud and the main reason we did it was to raise awareness about dogs who are on ‘death row’.”

“We initially set out to try and raise £20 but I think we are close to around £300 so we are delighted with that.”

Susie, an NHS worker, and husband Neil, who works in construction, have been volunteers at the Babworth Animal Rescue Kennels since December 2013 and they spend around six-hours week helping out walking, cleaning and caring for the dogs.

Neil said: “My daughter Stephanie saw that they were looking for volunteers so we decided to help out, it certainly keeps me fit walking all the dogs every week.”

“When we got to the top we put up a banner, it took more than nine hours in total.”