Worksop: Cruel burglers target fire-ravaged house whilst couple were in hospital

A Worksop couple have been left distraught after they returned from hospital to find that their fire-ravaged home had been burgled.

By Liam Norcliffe
Thursday, 19th June 2014, 8:19 am

Paul Stoner, 43, and wife Tanya, 42, were asleep in their bedroom at 2am on Sunday 15th June when they awoke to find their house on Newcastle Avenue was on fire - and there was no way out.

An electrical fault downstairs in their three-storey home caused them to be trapped as flames rapidly destroyed the living room and upstairs.

Paul said: “We managed to open the bedroom window and there were some England football fans who had poured out of the Breakers Club.”

“Three of them tried to get into the house to help us, one of the men tried to kick down the front door but hurt himself doing so.”

Whilst the fire was taking hold of the house, an ambulance which was travelling back from a job alerted the fire service and gave assistance.

It is understood that a man believed to be in his 20s, ran around the back of the house and climbed up the drainpipe to get into the property to help them.

Unknowingly, the husband and wife had already been rescued by firefighters using ladders. The man was treated for injuries at the scene.

As Paul and Tanya were in hospital, their house and shed were burgled with precious army and cadet uniforms and camping equipment stolen.

Paul added: “We think the burglaries took place on Sunday night and on Tuesday.”

“We just want to be left alone now.”

Tanya said: “Luckily our son Jonathan was not in the house and is in Ibiza.”

Contact the police on 101 and quote incident number 000373-16062014 if you have any information.