Worksop: Criminal behaviour order for driving offender who takes to road uninsured


A Worksop man who persistently commits driving offences while taking to the roads with no insurance has been slapped with a criminal behaviour order.

Ryan McCauley Baines, 20, of Lincoln Street, received the order following a conviction for driving whilst disqualified.

He has a history of driving offences committed whilst uninsured.

He also has a criminal history which includes convictions for burglary and theft from Worksop businesses.

The two year order was imposed by Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on May 19 and means Baines risks a potential prison sentence if he breaks the conditions.

The terms of the order state Baines must not:

Sit or ride a motorcycle or any other mechanically-propelled vehicle in Nottinghamshire other than as a passenger in a car driven by someone with valid insurance.

Not to enter the grounds or lands of a domestic property in Nottinghamshire without the express permission of the owner.

Not to enter any business in Nottinghamshire without the permission of the owner.

Neil Bellamy, District Commander for Bassetlaw, said: “The Criminal Behaviour Orders have been put in place in an effort to improve the lives of people in Worksop. “We would ask anyone in Worksop who witnesses any of the terms of these orders being breached to call us on 101 so such breaches can be acted upon and brought to the attention of the courts.”