Worksop: Coroner rules tragic Suzanne took her own life

A coroner has ruled that a young woman from Worksop took her own life when she died.
The inquest concluded at Doncaster Coroner's CourtThe inquest concluded at Doncaster Coroner's Court
The inquest concluded at Doncaster Coroner's Court

Suzanne Ellis, 30, a paramedic from Gateford Gardens, died at her mother’s house on 14th December 2012.

Assistant Coroner for South Yorkshire, Mr Fred Curtis, said that at the time her death, her mental health had been suffering and she had been experiencing depression.

He also noted that she had been suffering money issues and stresses relating to claims of being bullied at work.

However, he made clear that in the evidence he had heard on the bullying issue, an investigation by East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) had found no direct evidence of this.

“She was happy in her life but there were times were things were not straightforward,” he said in his summing up.

“In 2006, she had taken an overdose when depressed but there had since been no reoccurrences of any problems until 2012 when she again said she was suffering with depression.”

“She was also involved in a car accident in 2008 and the compensation and injury claim for that took a long time to resolve, not until 2012 in fact, which would have been a stress for her too.”

“The accident meant that she was in a lot of pain a lot of the time and she took painkillers to combat this.”

“It is clear that by 2012, she was taking a lot of painkillers and her GP had challenged her about the number she was taking and was working with her to reduce this.”

“It is also clear that more than £13,000 was meant to have been repaid to her employers in sick pay after she was awarded £17,500 in compensation from her accident, but no payment had been made.”

“She was happy with her boyfriend, they were about to purchase a house and she was preparing to get married.”

“The incidents of 2012 will have come as shock but it is clear that in some aspects of her life, all was not well.”

“There were unsubstantiated reports of an unfriendly attitude towards her at her workplace.”

“In December 2012, she appeared to have a mental breakdown and she also stopped taking the painkillers at this time.”

“On 5th December, 2012, her family took her to Bassetlaw Hospital as she was showing signs of distress and paranoia.”

“She was released that same day but at home she continued to show signs of distress and mental issues.”

“On 7th December, she was re-admitted to hospital where she was seen by nursing staff, who noted she had talked of stress in her life and that she had been self-medicating.”

“She was seen by a specialist on 10th December, who felt she should stay on the ward but also felt she could be treated at home.”

“She went to her mother’s home, where she stayed until the time of her death.”

“She was visited by her family and the crisis team and her mood remained low.”

“On the day she died, she talked to her mother, but showed little interest in TV or magazines.”

“Her mother went out and when she returned, she asked for her and was told she was in the bathroom.”

“When they eventually broke down the locked door, they found her.”

“It is important to stress that at no point in the time leading up to her death, did Suzanne express any indication to self-harm or to take her own life.”

“It is clear that there were long periods of stress in her life.”

“There were problems at work, but these may have been less severe than she imagined.”

“There were claims of bullying but no evidence of this was found.”

Paul Robinson, investigated these claims on behalf of EMAS and told this inquest that there was no direct evidence.”

“He said Suzanne may well have been caught between factions and she had a fragile personality.”

“There were stresses financially. She knew there was money to be paid back to her employers from her accident claim, but that nothing had been paid.”

“There were the usual stresses involved with moving home and there was the dramatic effect of immediately stopping taking painkillers.”

“Problems had been following her for some time and they reached a peak on 14th December.”

“I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that her death was at her own hand and she intended the consequences of her actions.”