Worksop: CASH REWARD: Burglars scarper with money and jewellery totalling £25k which was being saved for a funeral

A Worksop man is offering a cash reward after burglars stole a large sum of cash and precious jewellery totalling more than £25,000 which was being saved for his mother’s funeral.

Monday, 17th November 2014, 2:47 pm

Colin Whittaker, 68, of Royds Crescent, Rhodesia, Worksop, said he ‘collapsed at the door’ and was ‘physically sick’ after he found out money, expensive designer watches and other treasured family belongings had been taken from a safe in his home after a backdoor was smashed down.

Police believe the crime occurred between 7.10pm and 8.10pm on Saturday 15th November. Officers are now examining CCTV footage - after the burglars made off with the TV screen - but forgot to take the hardrive which stored the footage.

The former Shireoaks Colliery miner, who used to run a mini bus company in Worksop, is now offering £500 for any information that may lead to the return of his goods.

“The money was given to me by my mother, who has dementia, and she wanted me to use it so she could have a special funeral,” Colin said.

“I feel like I have been hit by a train.”

“I actually collapsed when I entered my front door.”

“I felt physically sick and I am still am now.”

“I’m in pieces. I’m distraught.”

The retired grandfather, who has lived in the house for 25 years, was in Scunthorpe visiting his girlfriend when he got a telephone call from his next door neighbour who said that his house had been burgled.

Amongst the items stolen were six watches - including a Rolex Oyster and a men’s Omega watch - as well as a bracelet which had 22 charms - one for every country his mother and father had visited together.

A set of distinctive watches were also swiped - one that talked, one with a calculator and a divers watch.

“If I could get one thing back it would be the charmed bracelet,” Colin added.

“I have never felt so vulnerable in all my life. I do not think I could have done anything else to protect my home.”

“There is nothing left, or very little.”

Call Notts Police on 101 with any information.