Worksop: Car crash rescue demo to happen this Saturday


Emergency crews will demonstrate what happens in the aftermath of a serious car crash in Worksop town centre this Saturday night (26th April).

From 9pm at Matalan car park on Eastgate you can watch as fire safety officers remove the roof of a car as its occupants lie ‘injured’ inside.

The hard hitting demonstration is aimed at raising awareness of the Fatal Four factors most likely to cause a car accident.

The event was postponed from Saturday 5th April when firefighters were called away unexpectedly to deal with a genuine emergency.

West Bassetlaw Insp Phil Davies said: “We apologise for having to cancel this planned demonstration in the past, for reasons beyond our control, but this week it is going to happen so we hope to see you there.”

“I think the session will be an important cautionary tale, but thankfully this time it is staged, with actors as the injured people.”

“No one wants to see this happen for real, so let this serve as warning against the Fatal Four behaviours that can lead to death or serious injury on our roads - drink driving, going too fast, not wearing a seatbelt and using a phone. If you don’t lose your life, you could lose your licence.”