Worksop businesswoman a Prince's Trust success story

Rachel Wood set up her social media marketing company, Mule Marketing, with the help of Prince's trust loan.Rachel Wood set up her social media marketing company, Mule Marketing, with the help of Prince's trust loan.
Rachel Wood set up her social media marketing company, Mule Marketing, with the help of Prince's trust loan.
After a rough childhood a mum-of four proves you can be anything you want to be if you are determined enough and she is now the director of her own company thanks to a loan from the charity.

Rachel Wood from Kingsway admitted that her life could have been very different when she left school with few GCSE’s and her life could of been very different as a teen but chose to make something of herself.

Now a director of Mule Marketing she said she could not have achieved this without the help from the Prince’s trust.

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The 31-year-old said: “They took a chance on me and for that I am so grateful.”

Rachel grew up with her grandparents in Retford as her parents could not look after her and at the age of 14 she was on the bus on the way home from school when there was accident which stopped the traffic.

“I recognised the car, it was my grandma’s - and you don’t ever get over seeing something like that.”

Her grandmother died 20 days later and she was sent to live with her other grandparents and sister but said the place never felt like home.

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However, that was not meant to be and she ended up living in shared accommodation in Worksop.

It was in the town she met her husband and had four children.

“I love being a mum and wanted to make sure my children had everything I missed out on. They are my motivation do be a better person.”

While looking for another job Rachel, who has a strong background in social media wanted to channel this but found the jobs were too far away.

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She said: “I had heard of the Prince’s Trust but they only help people up to the aged of 30 so I started the application process before my birthday.”

Rachel had to go on training courses and write a 30-page business plan as well as being paired with a mentor before they would give her the £4,000 loan she needed to set up the company.

She bought a car, which she hopes to get branded and an ipad so she can help small businesses reach their social media potential.

“What the Prince’s trust has done for me is amazing.

“It doesn’t matter what your past is or what your idea is, if you want something and you have that passion they will see that and they will help you however they can.”

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Rachel has now been nominated for the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce Enterprising Women Awards 2016 for new businesses of the year and will find out if she is successful at the end of January.
In a bid to give something back she has set up voucher books for businesses in and around Bassetlaw which contain discounts and promotions.

These books are then bought by customers and every month a percentage of the book sales will go to a different charity one. Some which have already been decided include the one that have helped Rachel end up where she is now; the Prince’s Trust, the Air Ambulance - who rescued her grandma and new Roots Housing Association.

The voucher book will be launched on February 16 at a free event in Worksop.