Worksop: Businesses up security after being targeted

Highgrounds Industrial Estate, Worksop.
Highgrounds Industrial Estate, Worksop.

Disheartened business owners in Worksop have been forced to increase security after being targeted by thieves in recent weeks.

Stores and garages have been broken into at Highgrounds Industrial Estate with highly valuable goods taken.

Some businesses have also had windows and doors damaged in raids.

Police have reassured owners that patrols will be stepped up if such offending continues.

Joe Browne, of Peacock Windows, said: “They broke into the vans and stole tools worth around £8,000.

“Three of the tools were worth £900 each.

“They broke into the building through the toilet window.

“They broke their way into the show room and smashed their way into the office.

“There was a lot of damage, I was very annoyed.”

Owners told the Guardian that they have increased their security levels and have been supporting each other.

A spokesman for Highgrounds Paintshops Ltd said: “They cut the copper wire off our cherry picker.

“Luckily we have a guy who sorted it but if not it would have cost £500 to repair.

“We get them going under and over the fence.

“We have a full alarm system, what else can we do?”

A spokesman for Priestley J Transport Ltd said: “They tried to break into our building but did not get in.

“They smashed the toilet window.

“We think they tried to steal something but got disturbed.”

Sybil Fielding, Notts county councillor for Worksop North, told the Guardian that there is a danger that crimes like this could become more frequent if the cuts to Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) go ahead.

“That is the danger,” she said. “I am fearful of what might happen. I do feel that we need to review the situation.”

Call police on 101.