Worksop: Brave soldier’s Victoria Cross Trophy up for sale on eBay

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A trophy which was awarded to a World War I soldier from Worksop is up for sale on popular auction website eBay.

The Victoria Cross Trophy was presented to Sgt William Henry Johnson after he single-handedly charged and captured enemy machine gun posts under heavy fire, during which he was seriously wounded. Sgt Johnson was enlisted in the famous Sherwood Foresters (The Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment) and received the prestigious award on 30th December 1918 from George V.

Tony Bak, manager at Barlborough Heritage Centre, feels that the accolade should return to Sgt Johnson’s hometown and was shocked to see it in the online auction. He said: “The trophy belongs in the area, preferably with the portrait of him in Worksop Library.

“I urge any historian in Worksop with the money to purchase the item to do so, it would be a shame for it to be anywhere else but here.”

World War I memorabilia is highly valuable in the current market due to the the war’s centenary.

The item has been listed by a seller in Manitoba, Canada, and is avaliable for a ‘buy it now’ price of $2100.00 US plus $80 postage and packaging.

Mr Bak said: “I have spoken to many war experts and researchers and as the centenary gets closer, prices of these items get higher.”

He added: “People are often willing to sell these items, not only because of price but because medals and other items are just sitting in the bottoms of draws.

“They don’t hold as much sentimental value as you may think because soldiers often didn’t want to discuss their wartime experiences with their family and friends.”