Worksop: Brave passer-by stops frail pensioner being conned on her doorstep


A concerned passer-by is believed to have stopped a frail pensioner from being conned by suspected cold callers in Worksop on Tuesday afternoon.

Lyn Bainbridge, 66, of Creswell Road, Clowne, was returning to her car around 1pm on 15th July when she overheard two men talking to a elderly woman, believed to be in her 80s, on her doorstep in Bridge Place.

“I saw two men approach the house next door but she shut the door on them,” Lyn said.

“They then approached the property of this lady as I was just getting in my car.”

“They were telling her that they could sort her gutters and soffits out for £100.”

“When she said that she did not have £100, they said they would do it for £40.”

Brave Lyn then approached the two men, described as being in their 20s with a van that had a slight dint in the side panel.

She added: “When I asked them if they had a business card, one of the men went back to the van and just handed over a piece of paper with his name on.”

“I told the lady, who had a walking stick, to not listen to them because they were trying to take her money.”

A spokesperson for Notts Police said: “You should always ask to see some identification from callers at your door.”

“Genuine callers will normally make an appointment first and carry identification from their company with their photograph on.”

Call Notts Police on 101.