Worksop: Appeal to keep pensioner’s lunch club open

Pensioners in Worksop are appealing for an OAP’s weekly lunch club to be kept open after it was closed due to lack of funding.

By Sophie Wills
Wednesday, 5th March 2014, 4:15 pm
Visitors to the cafe were 'shocked' when the lunch club clsoed
Visitors to the cafe were 'shocked' when the lunch club clsoed

The Crossing Cafe, on Newcastle Street, Worksop, launched a lunch club for the elderly five years ago, which was mostly funded by Notts County Council.

Ran by volunteers, the lunch club provided a hot meal at the low cost of £4.50 and a place for pensioners to meet and socialise.

But due to budget cuts, financial support from Notts County Council has ceased, leaving staff with no other option but to close the lunch club.

Greg Allsop, and Robert Bedford, 95, both from Worksop, were regulars at the lunch club since the time of its opening.

“Meeting my friends at The Crossing just became part of my life- it was something to look forward to on a Tuesday,” said Mr. Bedford.

Mr Allsop added: “There was a lot of shock and just general disappointment when we were told that it was closing down.”

“It had became more of a social gathering than anything. A place to have a nice meal with friends, gossip and put the world to rights- we have been so upset to see it go.”

Anne Taylor, Senior Development Manager at The Crossing, said: “It is with great sadness that we have had to close the lunch club for now.”

“We are currently in talks with a business development company and are hoping to get the lunch club back up and running while we gather the support we need.”