Woodsetts: Plans submitted for poultry farm to run on solar power

Woodsetts Poutry Farm has applied to install some ground-mounted photoviatic solar panels at its premises
Woodsetts Poutry Farm has applied to install some ground-mounted photoviatic solar panels at its premises

Plans have been submitted to Rotherham Council for 656 ground-mounted solar panels to be installed at a poultry farm in Woodsetts.

The panels would be grouped together in six blocks and be sited in a small field on the farm site on Worksop Road.

The applicants, W Potter & Sons (Holdings) of Rugby, say the panels will convert daylight into electricity and direct sunlight is not needed.

They will provide 150,880kw of electricity per year for the poultry farm, which uses 170,000kw per year for lighting, heating and ventilation of the eight farming units at the site.

At times, when the generation of electricity exceeds consumption, electricity not used on site would be exported to the National Grid providing a wider community benefit.

The need to produce more green energy has seen numerous projects such as this springing up around the country and the applicants say installing the panels will have no harmful impact on the existing physical environment.

The panels will be laid out in six rows fixed at angle of 30 degrees facing south.

Each row will be no more than 2.44 metre high and the rows will be spaced out with eight metres between each one.

The proposed site for the panels is surrounded by a field so there will be no impact on the view of private housing.

Nevertheless, the minimise the impact on the natural view and surroundings, the hedgerow around the site would be grown in height to help screen views of the panels from Owday Lane.

Although the development is not allowed within Green Belt land, the National Planning Policy Framework allows special cases of development in exceptional circumstances where there are wider environmental benefits, such as the provision of renewable energy.

Members of the public are currently able to view to application at the Rotherham Council’s customer service centre on Main Street or online at www.rotherham.gov.uk/info/200074/planning, application number RB2014/0092.

All comments on the proposal must be received by the council by Friday, 21st February.