Will Brexit saga affect Bassetlaw District Council elections?

Bassetlaw District Council's headquarters at the Queens Buildings, Potter Street, Worksop.
Bassetlaw District Council's headquarters at the Queens Buildings, Potter Street, Worksop.

Will the Brexit saga have an impact on the local elections?

That’s the question on the lips of voters and candidates as Bassetlaw District Council prepares to stage its district and parish elections on Thursday, May 2.

Experts say it will be interesting to see if the performance of politicians at national level, with regard to a delayed Brexit, will affect the support for the major parties at local level.

Some say the frustration of the public might lead to apathy and a reduced turnout at the council election as voters turn their backs on politics altogether. At the last election in 2015, the turnout was 63.7 per cent.

There are seats in 25 wards up for grabs on Bassetlaw District Council, which is currently controlled by the Labour Party. The full list of candidates in each ward is:

Beckingham: Joan Sanger (Independent), Raymond Simpson (Conservative). Blyth: Jack Bowker (Labour), Barry Bowles (Conservative), John Hudson (UKIP), Peter Thompson (Liberal Democrat). Carlton: Val Bowles (Conservative), Robin Carrington-Wilde (Labour), Alexandra Gregory (Conservative), Joanne Morrison (Conservative), Kevin Blackburn (UKIP), David Pidwell (Labour), Steve Scotthorne (Labour).

Clayworth: Drew Smith (Conservative), Ben Sofflet (Independent). East Markham: John Ogle (Conservative), uncontested. East Retford East: Martin Auckland (Conservative), Karen Costello (Liberal Democrat), Richard Gill (Conservative), Fraser Merryweather (Labour), Mike Quigley (Conservative), Susan Shaw (Labour), Bill Tomlinson (Labour).

East Retford North: Lynda Carter (Conservative), Donald Clarke (Conservative), Garry Clarkson (Labour), Graham Oxby (Labour), Jane Plevin (Labour), Paul Straker (Liberal Democrat), Anthony Tromans (Conservative). East Retford South: Paul Chambers (Conservative), Martin Introna (UKIP), John Manners (Conservative), Helen Richards (Labour), Carolyn Troop (Labour).

East Retford West: Jim Anderson (Labour), Ashley Burnell (Conservative), Matt Callingham (Labour), Marie Critchley (Independent), Ashraf Syed Abdul Cader (Conservative), Helen Tamblyn-Saville (Liberal Democrat), Stephen Ware (Liberal Democrat). Everton: Annette Simpson (Conservative), Mark Watson (Independent). Harworth: Sonia Armstrong (Conservative), David Challinor (Labour), Leah Davis (Conservative), Gloria Evans (Labour), Juney Evans (Labour), Gavin McGonigle (Conservative), Beverley Schuller (Labour).

Langold: Stephen Evans (Conservative), Jill Freeman (Labour). Misterton: Alastair Bowman (Conservative), Hazel Brand (Independent). Rampton: Anthony Coultate (Conservative), Raymond Fielding (Labour). Ranskill: Beverley Fear (Conservative), Michael Gray (Independent), Mark Hunter (Liberal Democrat), Paul Nicholls (Labour).

Sturton: Daniel Gregory (Conservative), James Naish (Labour). Sutton: Emma Auckland (Conservative), Rob Boeuf (Independent), Gary Moore (Labour). Tuxford and Trent: Keith Isard (Conservative), Shirley Isard (Conservative), Rebecca Littler-Leigh (Labnour), Michael Ouzman (Labour), Matt Richards (Independent).

Welbeck: Kevin Dukes (Labour), Matthew Evans (Conservative), Philip Ray (Liberal Democrat). Worksop East: Helen Cooper (Liberal Democrat), Arthur Dernie (Conservative), Cliff Entwistle (Labour), David Kirton (UKIP), Debbie Merryweather (Labour), Susan Radcliffe (Conservative), Deidre Vernon (Conservative), Jo White (Labour). Worksop North: Maria Charlesworth (Labour), Neil Dexter (Conservative), Gwynneth Jones (Labour), Glen Marshall (UKIP), Neil Sanders (Labour), Alan Tonks (Conservative), Roger Vernon (Conservative).

Worksop North-East: John Anderson (Conservative), Simon Greaves (Labour), Matthew Peck (Conservative), Alan Rhodes (Labour), Maddy Richardson (Labour), Alec Thorpe (Conservative). Worksop North-West: Richard Barnes (Conservative), Dean Brett (Labour), Pamela Briggs (Conservative), Tim Chapman (Conservative), Sybil Fielding (Labour), David Pressley (Labour).

Worksop South: Rachel Briggs (Conservative), Helen Colton (Conservative), Tony Eaton (Labour), Kevin Greaves (Labour), Julie Leigh (Labour), Lewis Stanniland (Conservative), Nigel Turner. Worksop South-East: Colin Barton (Conservative), Ethel Boddy (Conservative), Angela Chambers (Conservative), Leon Duveen (Liberal Democrat), Ash Henderson (UKIP), Josie Potts (Labour), John Shephard (Labour), Clayton Tindle (Labour).