Who needs a husband? Woman defies tradition by deciding to marry HERSELF

Lynne Gollogy is all set to say 'I Do'.
Lynne Gollogy is all set to say 'I Do'.

Why should the fact that Mr Right hasn’t bothered to show up stop you from having the wedding of your dreams?

Lynne Gollogy has “no interest” in being in a relationship, but has decided to defy tradition by getting married anyway- to herself.

The bride-to-be is going “all out”- she’s bought a flowing white dress, had make-up trials and plans to let her hair down at her very own Hen Do.

She’s even booked a romantic honeymoon to Rome, somewhere she’s always wanted to go.

While there will be no legal ceremony, the “big event” will take place in the form of a wedding party complete with disco, buffet and guests having a “general knees up”.

Lynne, of Thurcroft, said: “When I bought my dress at a Wed2B store, the staff were absolutely beside themselves when I told them I was actually planning to marry myself.

“My family and friends know full well that I’m bonkers though, so this hasn’t come as a shock to them.

“I’ve been single for a while now and have no interest in being in a relationship. I did get engaged once, when I was younger, but it was silly and nothing came of it.

“I thought this way I could give loved ones an opportunity to wear their wedding outfits and celebrate just being my quirky self.”