Who are your heroes and villains of 2015?

More than 2,000 people across the country have voted for their heroes and villains of the year.

And it is astronaut Tim Peake, currently aboard the International Space Station, who captured the public’s hearts and took the number one spot for the biggest hero.

Oscar Pistorius took the crown for the biggest villain for the third year in a row, after taking 38% of the vote. A quarter of the nation picked their Prime Minister as the third-highest villain, in joint place with Vladimir Putin and Katie Hopkins.

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Who do you think has done well this year, and who do you think has fallen flat? Would you have voted alongside the general public?

The nation’s top heroes

1. Tim Peake: 23%

2. Andy Murray: 19%

3. The Queen: 14%

4. Mo Farah: 11%

Joint 5: Jessica Ennis-Hill and Jeremy Corbyn: 9%

6. Lewis Hamilton: 8%

7. The Duchess of Cambridge: 7%

8. Adele: 6%

9. Jamie Vardy:5%

10. Edward Snowden: 4%

The nation’s villains

1. Oscar Pistorius: 38%

2. Donald Trump: 36%

Joint 3: David Cameron, Vladimir Putin and Katie Hopkins: 25%

4. Bashar al-Assad: 20%

5. George Osbourne: 19%

6. Jeremy Corbyn: 17%

7. Lady Colin Campbell: 14%

8. Nigel Farage: 13%

9. Russell Brand: 12%

10. Kanye West: 8%