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At the meeting of Gainsborough Probus Club on Monday 1st September, Mike Gildersleeve made a return visit to speak about his experiences of Norway.

Having first visited the country in 1968, Mike has visited many times since, and has developed a great affection and regard for the country.

Included in his talk were many anecdotes about friendships formed over the years, and all of it was illustrated by slides.

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Here are a few facts about Norway which club members learnt:

It is 1,000 miles in a direct line north to south.

There are 75,000 islands on its coastline.

This coastline measures 12,500 miles.

Norway has about five million inhabitants.

Its capital, Oslo, is the largest city and has about 700,000 inhabitants.

It has only been an independent country since 1905, and it has a constitutional monarchy.

Perhaps its expensive alcohol and uninspiring traditional food are negatives, but Mike asserted that ‘Norway has become paradise’.

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The land of the midnight sun, is a paradise of fjords, formed by the ice age, part of the sea, and therefore with salt water.

A paradise of dramatic landscape with its lakes, mountains and waterfalls (an important hydroelectric power source).

A paradise where you can see the Northern Lights, demonstrating the drama of nature. A paradise which is fuelled by North Sea oil, making all things possible and money a barrier to nothing.

The Gainsborough Probus meet every Monday between 10am and 11.30am at Morton Village Hall.