Whitwell: Plans submitted to quarry additional 4.8million tonnes of limestone

Whitwell Quarry
Whitwell Quarry

The operator of Whitwell Quarry has submitted its planning application to Derbyshire County Council to secure the long term future of its limestone extraction business.

Tarmac is asking for planning permission to quarry an additional 4.8million tonnes of limestone in four areas on the edge of the current operations and also to extend the life of the whole quarry operation to 2040. The application also includes restoration of the workings to be completed by 2043 through an amended scheme.

Copies of a summary of the application are available at Whitwell and Creswell libraries.

The full application is available to view at the quarry offices or to download from the Tarmac company website at www.tarmac.com/whitwell. Questions or comments can be emailed to whitwell.feedback@tarmac.com.