Which candidate for the next Notts police commissioner is for you?

The race to secure the next Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire is now on as five candidates have put in their papers and confirmed running in the election.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 19th April 2016, 3:10 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th April 2016, 4:14 pm
Your Nottinghamshire PCC candidates are revealed (L-R) Fran Loi, Jason Zadrozny, Tony Harper, Paddy Tipping, Tony Bates.
Your Nottinghamshire PCC candidates are revealed (L-R) Fran Loi, Jason Zadrozny, Tony Harper, Paddy Tipping, Tony Bates.

Voters will have a chance on May 5 to decide the future of Nottinghamshire's policing as candidates bring a range of policies to the table.

A very new role, only created in 2012, PCCs provide a democratically elected appointment to govern police policy and to hold our local force to account.

Registered voters can go to the polling booths on May 5, but you must be registered by April 18. Visit www.gov.uk/register-to-vote if you haven't already got your poll card.

The local candidates are:

- Paddy Tipping (incumbent) Labour

"I'm a great believer in making pledges, I made five pledges at the time of the last election and delivered on them even in the face of tremendous difficulties, 54 million cut in the budget, but Nottinghamshire has falling crime and our police numbers in the front line are amongst the highest in the country. I'm making some new pledge in the future."

- Tony Harper, Conservative

"I've got 36 years of experience in the police, I understand policing and how it works. The public want police officers on the street and an instant responds. Officers on the streets prevent crime, and they also prevent the fear of crime, which is far worse than it actually happening."

- Francois Loi, UKIP

“I wanted to put my name forward because I believe the law abiding citizens of Notts and the victims of crime, their interests should take precedent over the criminals and as the UKIP candidate, we believe the person who is holding police to account should not be part of the establishment. We’re not whipped like the other major parties so I’m free to represent the people of Nottinghamshire. We need someone who will scrutinise the strategic partnerships between the police and the local authorities. We have problems with whistleblowing, historical child sexual abuses – there’s a clear breach of trust. What we need to do is bridge the trust between the police and the community.

- Jason Zadrozny, Independent

"People don't feel that our Police are on their side. I will change this, get rid of pen pushing and ensure our front-line officers, coupled with our fabulous PCSOs get the full support they deserve away from political interference."

- Tony Bates,Independent

"I believe there is simply no place for politics in policing. I've seen shopping lists of crime priorities and people saying they'll draw lines under things, but what we need is to change the way we work. In Nottinghamshire we're way behind the curve in terms of techonology and partnerships. I'm interested in using more technology and we have to look at integration, whether that's with other blue light services or working with the private sector I don't know. But the public don't see this, and its all about getting more front-line policing. I don't want to see a riot van driving around. I'd rather park that van around the corner and get the officers on the street."