Where have the flower beds gone?

Just a few short months ago Worksop high street looked the best it’s ever looked.

It looked like a proper town centre should look - a bustling outdoor market, not a car to be seen, and the cherry on the cake - flower beds in bloom boasting a rainbow of colours.

Well, that’s all well and truly gone to pot now.

Firstly, the parking ban - which brought unbridled joy to most of the town, was ridiculously lifted, and now to cap it all, council killjoys have seen fit to send in the bulldozers to remove the flower beds.

True, these flower beds may have made town stink like manure for half of the year, but at least they looked nice.

Who needs a miasma of bright and vivid colours when you can just have grey concrete, eh?

Do we want to attract people into the town centre or not?

The high street needs as many assets and selling points as possible. It can’t just live off the fact that it has the highest concentration of pasty parlours in Europe.

What have they got lined up next? Are they going to uproot the market traders and plonk them back at the top of town out of reach everyone, and everything else?

This is typical of Worksop, just when things are starting to look up, everything falls to pieces again.

What do YOU think to the flower beds being ditched? Write in and let me know.

WE’RE always told that if we see a fire we should contact the emergency services and keep a safe distance.

Under no circumstances should we go anywhere near the blaze, or enter a burning building.

This is advice we hear time and time again from the fire service and police etc.

Which is why I’m so perplexed that the fire service dish out awards to people who do exactly the opposite.

‘You totally ignored our advice and rushed into that burning building - here, have an award.’

I don’t want to put anyone’s heroic actions down, but isn’t this sort of thing sending out slightly mixed messages?

Is it not encouraging people to put their own lives at risk?

Do they give awards to people who report the fire but let the professionals deal with it?

Seems to me they probably should.