Where does the phrase ‘Ay up me duck’ REALLY come from?

It’s official - the phrase “ay up me duck!” hails from... Nottinghamshire.

An online poll showed that 64 per cent of people said the dialectal saying comes from OUR county.

There were some crossed words on social media after actress Angelina Jolie greeted actor Jack O’Connell - who trained at Nottingham’s Television Workshop - with “ay up me duck” in a strong accent at the Hollywood Film Awards.

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She said: “It is my privilege to present the New Hollywood award to the least Hollywood artist I know, straight from Derby, ay up me duck, Jack O’Connell.”

But Derbyshire folk claimed it as theirs.

So a poll was put up online to find out where the phrase actually came from - and it’s safe to say it’s a Nottinghamshire saying.

Only 33 per cent said it came from Derbyshire and just 2 per cent thought it came from Yorkshire.

So next time you want to use our sayings Jolie, remember where to give credit ‘duck’.