When there’s a knock at the front door

Inspector Phil Davies, Worksop Police Station G131101-1c
Inspector Phil Davies, Worksop Police Station G131101-1c

This week I would like to take a few minutes to review the process you go through when someone knocks on your front door.

Firstly, let me clarify, it might not be from the front door you hear a knock, it could be a side door or even your back door.

So you hear a knock. What do you do?

Here’s what I would advise should happen:

1. You should go to that door and that door should be locked. Most burglars don’t want to get their hands dirty if they don’t have to. If they can slip in through an unlocked door or window they will.

2. If possible you should check the identity of the caller through a peephole or window, or perhaps just call through the door.

3. If you do open the door and the person is offering a service, check they are who they say they are.

4. Don’t be distracted. Sometimes burglars work in pairs, with one attempting to distract you at one door while another sneaks in through another entrance or window.

5. If in any doubt, keep them out.

Make it as difficult as possible for someone to want to enter your garden in the first place. Add good locks to your gates and install motion sensor lights.

High fences and thorny bushes are also a good deterrent.

Report suspicious activity around homes and gardens to us on 101, immediately.