West Lindsey: The district council has been praised for its strong leadership and ambitions

West Lindsey District Council has been praised in a peer challenge for its strong leadership and ambitions for the district.

The authority commissioned a peer challenge to investigate what was good about the service and ideas for how it could improve.

The team spent three days holding one-to-one sessions and focus groups with residents, amenity groups, local businesses, community organisations, customers and other partners, as well as district councillors.

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Suggestions for improvement included speeding up the response times to applications for development and customers enquiries.

The council was also advised to decide on a more appropriate IT system which will include the on-line applications process and sharing of information.

Leader of West Lindsey District Council, Coun Jeff Summers, and Chairman of the Planning Committee, Coun Stuart Curtis, said: “The peer review was a very useful exercise exploring our strengths and our weaknesses.We have a corporate plan and it is important that the planning system helps to deliver this.

“The elements of improvement identified are essential to deliver what we are looking for.”

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Chief Executive of West Lindsey District Council, Manjeet Gill, thanked everyone involved in the peer review.

She said: “The council is ambitious about growth, building on the strengths of the district, as well as the opportunities it offers to new investors.

“Planning needs to be at the heart working with all customers to get timely and effective decisions for the right type of growth to shift up a gear in our improvement drive.”

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