Weight coach Julie is a shining diamond in Worksop

Julie Baines has been given a Diamond Award for her services to Weight Watchers
Julie Baines has been given a Diamond Award for her services to Weight Watchers

A Weight Watchers coach from Worksop is being honoured for 10 years of service to the group.

Julie Baines first became involved with Weight Watchers when she joined the group to help lose weight herself.

She now runs seven classes in Worksop each week.

And she is now be recognised by the company for her dedication to helping people achieve the same goals she set out to achieve.

Julie is being given a Diamond Award by the group as recognition for the high standards of service she has given them.

She will also get a separate award in March to mark her 10 years as a group leader.

She said: “I became a clerk or helper when I first joined the group in 1996.

“I lost three-and-a-half stone then but then I had a bit of a bad time in life and put weight back on.

“But then I decided I’d join a group again and lost more than four stone.

“And then in 2007 I decided to become the group leader, or coach as they are called now.

“I love doing the job and helping people and seeing them be successful like me and just showing people that they can be successful too.

“Over the years I’ve seen so many people come through the group and I’ve seen what a difference it’s made to them just through weight loss and the joy it’s brought them.

“It’s changed their lives and their confidence has just grown.

“I’ve made so many friends, I call them my members but they’re like my little family.”

Having reached her first decade in charge of the Worksop groups, Julie says she has no plans to stop yet and is looking forward to the next 10 years.

She continued: “I definitely want to carry on, at least another 10 years.

“It’s been a lovely time of my life doing these classes and I’ve loved doing it.

“It’s an amazing job to have, I love working with these people and helping them and Weight Watchers is an amazing company to work for.”

Julie runs five classes each week at Worksop Masonic Hall and two at St Anne’s Church Hall.

For details of how to join, visit www.weightwatcherslocal.co.uk/location/town/worksop