Worksop weather: Here is what we can expect next week with blistering highs of 35C

The Met Office is warning the public of extreme heats next week as they issue a rare amber weather warning.

Thursday, 14th July 2022, 5:22 pm

It may feel like temperatures have dipped over the last few days, but don’t be fooled. The heatwave is expected to peak at a sizzling 35C in Worksop next week.

If you haven’t had time to work on your summer tan, this might not be the best time as the Met Office is warning the nation’s upcoming high temperatures are likely to see adverse health effects leading to potential serious illness or danger to life.

For those planning to head to lakes, rivers or even coastal areas to keep cool, it’s important to remain mindful of the dangers of open water, even for experienced swimmers.

The Met Office has issued amber weather warnings for extreme heat in Worksop next week. Credit: Pixabay

Friday, July 15

Tomorrow, Worksop can expect cloudy conditions with temperatures peaking at 21C. The sun will begin creeping out from around 5pm but we should be able to sleep quite comfortably compared to previous nights with temperatures reducing to 15C in the evening.

Saturday, July 16

Saturday will be a sunny day until clouds sweep over in the evening. Temperatures will peak at 25C at around 4pm with the need for sun protection as forecasters predict a high UV index reading.

Sunday, July 17

Sunday will see the three-day amber weather warning come into force. Temperatures will rise further to 28C, but it is expected to be a cloudy day with low wind speeds.

Monday, July 18

The heatwave still hasn’t peaked as Monday sees temperatures of 32C. The wind will remain low as the sun sits high in the sky. The UV index will read high at 1pm so be aware of sunburn and dress in light clothing to keep cool.

Tuesday, July 19

Tuesday will see the final day of the amber weather warning and the highest temperatures across the country. Worksop will see blistering highs of 35C and another full day of sunshine. Be sure to keep hydrated.

Wednesday, July 20

Temperatures will begin to fall on Wednesday with a high of 27C. Worksop can expect sunny intervals and the possibility of much-needed showers in the afternoon.

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