Worksop weather forecast shows heatwave on its way this week

Worksop is set to heat up in 30C temperatures this week as another heatwave takes over the country.
The warm weather is returning to Worksop this weekThe warm weather is returning to Worksop this week
The warm weather is returning to Worksop this week

This week holds good news for those seeking a bit of sunshine and warmth as the summer holidays continue.

A second heatwave is set to take over Britain, though this time it is not expected to bring the record-breaking temperatures like the 40C we felt in July – but it could reach the mid-30s in some areas.

Monday starts the week off with a warm day. It will be cloudy in the morning before turning to sun by early evening, with a peak temperature of 27C.

The sunny conditions will stick around for Tuesday with high UV levels at midday. The temperature will be a maximum of 27C again, with a very slight breeze.

Wednesday will see the temperature creep up to 28C and another day of glorious sunshine, followed by 29C on the Thursday, and Friday.

On the weekend, Saturday is expected to begin with a haze in the morning before returning to another sunny day and peaks of 30C. Sunday will see sunny intervals and a maximum of 29C.

After the driest July in England since 1935, there is still little chance of rain in the forecast.

Tony Wardle, deputy chief meteorologist at Met Office, said: “With high pressure dominant this week, the influence of any showers will be contained to the far northwest, and even here will be short-lived in nature.

“Further south, which has seen little rain for some time now, dryness will continue through the week and provide no relief for parched land, especially in the southeast.

“Some change to more unsettled conditions is then signalled but, as is often the case during the summer, details a week or more in advance of showers and rain are highly uncertain.”