What's in store for the weather across the East Midlands on Sunday?

The Met Office is predicting a warmer and sunnier Sunday than has been seen in the last few days across the East Midlands.

By Andrew Topping
Sunday, 12th May 2019, 8:54 am
What's in store for the weather today?
What's in store for the weather today?

Its forecast says the region may have a cold start to the day, however "long periods of sunshine" will take hold towards the late morning and early afternoon, with a maximum temperature of 17C.

However it is expected to get cold overnight in places, with dry and mostly clear skies through into Monday morning bringing the possibility of frost in more rural areas - and a predicted low of -1C.

The Met Office forecast said: "A cold start to the day, perhaps with some isolated mist or fog patches at first. Otherwise, dry throughout with long periods of sunshine and light winds. Maximum temperature 17C.

What's in store for the weather today?

"Dry this evening and overnight with mostly clear skies. Quickly turning chilly with a touch of frost developing in rural areas. Light winds. Minimum temperature -1C.

"On Monday it will be dry with long sunny periods. Feeling warm in the sunshine after a cold start. Dry, mostly clear and chilly again overnight. Maximum temperature 19C.

"Dry on Tuesday and Wednesday with long sunny periods. Warm by day, but still chilly at night. Dry again on Thursday but turning cloudier and breezier."

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