Met Office forecasts spring-like conditions for the weekend in Worksop

The sun is on its way to Worksop.The sun is on its way to Worksop.
The sun is on its way to Worksop.
It looks like spring has finally arrived in Worksop as ‘plenty of sunshine’ forecasted for the weekend.

Meteorological spring officially began on March 1 but up until now we’ve seen strong winds, grey skies, torrential downpours and general doom and gloom.

However, a glance at the weekend forecast and it looks like spring could finally be in the air, as the Met Office forecast ‘plenty of sunshine’

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According to the Met Office, Friday will start with a bright skies as the sun rises at 6:13am. Sun is expected to take over the sky throughout the day, excluding a brief patch of clouds appearing between 3-4pm. We can expect highs of 14C around 2pm with very mild winds not exceeding 8mph. The sun will set at 6:14pm.

Met Office meteorologist, Alex Deakin, predicts a ‘cracking’ Saturday with ‘lots and lots of sunshine’. The day will start with a chilly start and the possibility of frost and fog, which should clear by late morning. We can expect a dry and sunny day from sun rise at 6:10am. Met Office predicts highs of 12C and winds picking up slightly to 14mph. The sun will set at 6:15pm with temperatures lowering into a cooler Sunday.

Temperatures will be lower on Sunday with highs of 9C – but the sun will still remain high in the sky for another spring-like day. The winds will reach up to a mild speed of 12mph at midday before reducing into the evening. The sun will rise at 6:08am and set at 6:17pm.

Expect similar sunny conditions in the upcoming week, with the hours getting longer each day.

By the end of the month we will be seeing 12hrs 53m of sunlight.

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