WEATHER UPDATE: Gritting teams out again across Nottinghamshire tonight

A fleet of gritters are set to take to Nottinghamshire’s roads on Wednesday night as the current cold spell continues.

Wednesday, 4th February 2015, 12:25 pm

Nottinghamshire County Council’s 23 gritting vehicles are set to begin salting from around 7pm with temperatures again dipping below freezing after dusk and the risk of the odd snow flurry overnight.

Icy stretches are likely overnight with widespread hoar frost expected.

On Tuesday night, the teams were out from 7.20pm and completed all main routes by 11.15pm.

Deliveries of fresh rock salt this week mean that salt stocks across the county remain healthy at 15,142 tonnes.

In total, the county has the capacity to store 22,000 tonnes at its four salt barns.

In addition to salting roads, the council also provides and maintains around 1,300 roadside yellow grit bins. These are provided where:

l a site is very exposed and severely affected by winter weather

l a junction hazard is present

l there is very high pedestrian movement, especially near local centres or the site is used regularly by the elderly, very young or mobility impaired.

The council is reminding people that salt in the bins can be used by residents on nearby roads and pavements but is not allowed to be used on private driveways.

Residents are being asked to help by keeping an eye on the bins during the bad weather and reporting any that become empty.

The council is also advising people to play their part in keeping the county on the move by following the Government’s Snow Code which gives clear advice on clearing snow and ice safely.