‘We treat applicants equally and fairly’

An A1 Housing spokesman said they are working with Mr Staerck to resolve his situation and that his case will be reviewed by an independent panel this month.

Friday, 22nd March 2013, 8:44 am

“We are working with Mr Staerck to find suitable accommodation as quickly as possible and are currently helping him to bid for properties.”

“Mr Staerck’s medical needs have been assessed by an Independent Medical Panel and an Occupational Therapist.”

“These assessments have determined that he does not meet the criteria for someone who is under the age of 60 to be placed in a senior citizen designated bungalow. “

“Following a request from Mr Staerck, his case will be re-assessed by the Medical Panel on 27 March 2013.”

“As Mr Staerck is under 60, he is permitted to bid for bungalows if a suitable tenant over the age of 60 cannot be found at the first attempt. “

“We have kept Mr Staerck informed of all his options and the process of applying for an A1 Housing property at all times.”

“We have a number of tenants who are in a similar situation to Mr Staerck and the systems we have in place are there to ensure that all applicants are treated equally and fairly.”