We’re on cusp of great things

HAPPY New Year to everyone – except the moonfaced morons who keep telling me we’re heading into a new decade.

No doubt these are the same amoebas who tell the police they’ve only had one drink when they get pulled up driving, because they started counting just after they sunk the eighth.

But alas I digress and what I want to talk about as we head into the SECOND year of this decade is the wonderful way in which Worksop has come on.

I mean, we have a magnificent cinema, Worksop Town FC are playing games on their new ground in town, with bumper crowds paying at the gate.

We’ve got a wonderful new ASDA which is helping to drive down petrol prices locally. It has created hundreds of jobs, and KFCs, Burger Kings, McDonalds and a smattering of more swanky eateries have begun to spring up all around it.

There’s a fantastic new retail park at Highgrounds which seems to be attracting all the big national names.

And let’s not forget the ‘Town Centre Masterplan’ which is now complete and has made Worksop town centre look very attractive.

Oh, wait – none of this has happened has it? I’m dreaming a dream the like of which should never be dreamed by an old man.

But before you all chuckle at Grundi being overly cynical again, just take a deep breath.

Compose yourself because I’ve got a feeling in my waters that the silver-haired simpletons that make all the decisions on our behalf are about to get it right.

I may well be proved wrong on this one, but I’m convinced that come this time next year, we will be on the cusp of great things in Bassetlaw.

Worksop Town FC will be back in, erm, Worksop. B&Q will create 250 new jobs. ASDA will be given the go ahead. The Highgrounds park will be bursting with business. The cinema will be packed to the rafters and maybe, just maybe Worksop will become a place we are proud to be associated with once again.