“We need to stay in Europe”: Bassetlaw resident

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After David Cameron spoke to European leaders about reform and with the upcoming referendum one Worksop man has spoken out about why the United Kingdom should stay in the EU.

Leon Duveen, of Lincoln Street things the country is stronger together.

The 59-year-old who stood as the Bassetlaw Liberal Democrat candidate in May said: “I am proudly pro-Europe and can’t see this countries future outside of the Eropean Union.

“I have a Dutch father and wife and it is our diversity that makes us brilliant.”

Only last week Prime Minister David Cameron took a trip to Brussels to tell other leaders that Britain wants migrants to wait four years before receiving benefits and backed the case to stay a multi-currency union.

Leon said: “The Prime Minister is walking a very fine line and people of Britain need to know the damage it would cause if we leave the EU.”

Mr Cameron made this speech calling for change before the UK’s referendum on whether to stay in or leave the EU - which could be as soon as next year.

Leon said: “If David Cameron doesn’t get his wish he has said he will lead the campaign calling for the people to vote out and if that happens Scotland have said they will call another referendum for independence as they wish to stay in the EU.

“If we didn’t have migrant workers the NHS would be crippled, people need to remember that not all migrants are those we currently see on the television fleeing their country.

“Many, many people are highly skilled work force who have trained to be doctors or nurses or even plumbers and builders but as the health service is so short staff we as a country are not in a position to be making moving to Britain look less favourable.”

Leon said staying in the EU would not just be beneficial to trade but would help with natural disasters and victims from the Cumbria floods earlier in the month would be better protected inside the union as there is more relief money available.

The dad of three added: “Our future is in Europe, it is not perfect but neither is England, however if we remain a part of it we can call for changes to help everyone.”