Watch out for scammers

A VERY rare occurrence took place at Grundi Towers the other evening - someone came and knocked on the front door.

This is very unusual indeed, and I wondered how someone had managed to make it all the way up the long drive and to the front of the house without being shot by the gamekeeper.

I opened the door and was confronted by a young man.

“Alright mate, we’re young people who are out of work and are trying to gain confidence. We’ve made some scarves and are selling them for £3.50 each.”

A very likely story. I told this gormless chancer to sling his hook and slammed the door shut with the ferocity of pack of ravenous wolves.

I have since made some discrete enquiries and have discovered there are a number telephone ‘scammers’ doing the rounds at the moment.

Examples are people calling up offering fake insulation and Council Tax rebates. Apparently the latest is people offering to get your house moved to a A Band property so that you pay less tax - in exchange for 25 per cent of your savings.

So beware these con artists.