Warning issued about rogue traders selling alarm systems

Lincolnshire Police are warning residents about an alarm company who are cold calling residents trying to sell them intruder alarm systems.

The message from Lincolnshire Police Headquarters, Crime Prevention and Partnerships, said: “We have been made aware by a concerned resident that an Alarm company are “cold calling” Lincolnshire residents, trying to sell them intruder alarm systems. If you do get a sales call please be mindful of the information that you pass to them.

“Many traders who call at your door are honest and genuine; however, some are not and can be extremely persuasive.

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“If you have serious doubts about the legality or sales techniques being employed by this type of security company, or if they are using hard selling tactics which include unduly raising the fear of crime, pressure selling, unclear contracts and overpriced security systems, contact Lincolnshire Trading Standards for advice, by calling 0345 404 0506.

“Please be aware that all alarm companies that install systems in our county which promise a Police response to alarm activations must be registered with one of the two national inspectorate bodies which are the NSI and the SSAIB.

“You can check if an alarm company is inspectorate approved by contacting the NSI on 01628 637 512 or visit www.nsi.org.uk.”

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