VOTE: Notts kids cash in on £96 of spends on holiday

If you're flying Ryanair, make sure you following this advice.If you're flying Ryanair, make sure you following this advice.
If you're flying Ryanair, make sure you following this advice.
The average family from Nottinghamshire spends around £96 per child to keep them happy on holiday, a new survey has revealed.

On top of that, splashing the cash doesn’t stop there as almost 20 per cent of families are willing to spend a further £17 on additional treats such as sweets and fizzy drinks – bringing the total dent in the wallet to £112.

According to the survey conducted by money saving website, 38 per cent opt for self-catering to keep costs down while 30 per cent choose for all-inclusive deals.

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Sezer Yurdakul, Global Head of Online Marketing at Voucherbox said: “British families are forking out disproportionate amounts to keep the kids entertained on holiday. Planning activities and daily spending money beforehand will help keep the budget under control.

“It’s interesting to see that the spend for all-inclusive can be the same as self-catering. This shows how important it is to work out the average cost per meal before booking to see if it’s actually worth the money. Of course, there’s always great savings to be made online.”

When it comes to favourite purchases, traditional treats such as ice cream (17 per cent), buckets and spades and inflatables (15 per cent) are the most popular ways to keep the kids happy on holiday. These are in favour of more “day-to-day rewards” such as paying for additional WiFi (3 per cent) and purchasing mobile games (4 per cent), which sit at the bottom of the list.

Top three holiday treats for Nottinghamshire kids:

1. Ice cream (18%)

2. Seaside toys (15%)

3. Sweets and snacks (11%)

Top five holiday activities to entertain the kids:

1. Water park (18%)

2. Zoo (14%)

3. Theme park (13%)

4. Organised excursions (10%)

5. Play park (10%)