Vive La France as Wales pupils make new friends

A GROUP of apprentices from France have been sharing their language skills with students at Wales High School.

Monday, 4th February 2013, 4:13 pm
Tool making apprentices from France visited Wales High School in Kiverton w130125-1a

The group of 11 toolmakers from Muizon spent a day working with GCSE French students.

They are in the country for three weeks’ work experience and are doing apprenticeships under the oldest and most distinguished French Guild of Les Compagnons do Devoir.

Wales is the only school in South Yorkshire to work with this French guild.

The students spent the day working on topics relevant to the GCSE and A level exams to improve cultural understanding and enhance their linguistic skills.

A spokesman for Wakes High School said: “They learn to understand the value of languages in the work place and have contact with native speakers of a similar age to Wales High School students to enhance the learning experience.”

“We encourage our students to speak as much French as possible in a range of workshop activities.”

“This is an exciting, innovative way of developing speaking and listening skills.

“The 6th formers work with French students on the importance of language in the workplace and give presentations.”

“It is a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience, which also enhances the school’s international dimension.”