VIEW FROM ABOVE: Drone captures spectacular pictures of Derbyshire and Notts from high in the sky

It’s fair to say Steve Fairburn’s innovative business idea is really taking off...

By Michael Broomhead
Sunday, 18th January 2015, 2:25 pm

With the help of a radio-controlled flying drone complete with a camera, Steve is able to capture our glorious county in stunning detail from hundreds of feet above the ground.

Over the last few months, Steve and his drone have photographed and videoed scores of spectacular aerial sights – including Chesterfield’s much-talked-about Horns Bridge roundabout, Buxton’s magnificent Crescent and Chatsworth in the snow.



Steve said he decided to set up his business, called Rise Above It, because of his love of photography and flying.

His customers include estate agents, event organisers and members of the public who want their special occasions – like weddings – caught on camera from 400ft in the air.

Steve, from Chesterfield, who operates the £1,500 drone from the ground, said: “There was a gap in the market for this sort of business and I have a keen interest in flying and photography so this idea was a no-brainer.

“I’m pleased with how things are going.

“Everyone’s interested in what I do and the drone and its high-definition camera get some amazing pictures and video – it can access areas that traditional aerial photography aircraft just can’t reach,” added Steve, whose work takes him all over the country.

Drones have hit national headlines on several occasions within the last year – and not necessarily for all the right reasons.

Concerns have been raised over the threat to aircraft from drones flown by amateurs.

In July, a passenger plane had a near miss with a drone as it landed at Heathrow – in the first such incident recorded at Britain’s biggest airport.

The incident involved an Airbus A320, which can carry up to 180 passengers, and was rated by investigators as among the most serious near-collisions.

The aircraft was at just 700ft when the pilot saw the drone, which had not shown up on air traffic control radar.

Steve, however, follows all the rules and is professionally qualified to fly drones.

Thousands of people received drones as Christmas presents – and during 2015, Steve can’t wait to explore more of the county and the rest of the UK from high in the sky.

For more information about Rise Above It, visit

Contact Steve on 07890349660.

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