VIDEO: The longest day captured by our reporters in Worksop, Dinnington and Retford

Friday 21st June is midsummer’s day, the longest day of the year, and the perfect opportunity to celebrate the best our area has to offer.

From the dawn chorus to kids leaving for school and the rush hour traffic, our reporters have been scouring Worksop, Retford and Dinnington with their phones for snapshots of local life in our Local Longest Day project.

Longest Local Day

Longest Local Day

We caught our papers coming fresh off the press, sampled thriving town centre markets, and managed to take in local musical talent in the process.

More leisurely activities - like a spot of fishing and a trip to the library - made up another part of our region’s vibrant life.

Alongside the hustle and bustle of our towns and villages, our reporters also captured a little glimpse of life in the Guardian office.

From the morning calls to the lights going out at the end of the longest day, we’ve shown how life at the Guardian fits in alongside the communities we serve.

Armed with little but a phone and local knowledge, we aim to show why our area is worth celebrating.

Search Twitter for #longestlocalday to see how the day unfolded, and enjoy the Guardian’s take on the Longest Local Day.