VIDEO: Teenager injured in clown attack warns others to be careful

Owen Russell. Photo - SWNS.
Owen Russell. Photo - SWNS.

A teenager left needing stitches in his head after being attacked by a ‘killer clown’ has warned other people not to approach anyone taking part in the latest craze.

Owen Russell, 17, was out with his friends when they spotted the clown, who was wearing a mask with orange hair and a red nose and had a ‘sinister laugh’ on a path in Dinnington on Tuesday night.

When challenged by the teens as the clown approached them, the masked attacker walked off carrying a branch before turning round and hurling it at the group - hitting Owen on the side of his head, and leaving him with a V-shaped wound which needed stitches.

Owen said he and his friends were initially quite excited to see a clown in their local area, but the clown then started getting vicious as the group weren’t scared of him.

He added: “I found it quite amusing to be honest, he was just like a normal prankster on Youtube or Facebook just going round scaring people just for a laugh but it’s got quite serious now, I nearly died from it.

“I wouldn’t just approach any clown because he might be a serial killer, you don’t know what he’s done.”