Video: Sheffield Steelers new coach wants to bring happiness, goals and trophies to the club

Tom Barrasso says he won't have a problem sending a positive charge of energy through the Sheffield Steelers' roster.

Thursday, 11th October 2018, 12:02 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th October 2018, 12:08 pm
Straight to work: Tom Barrasso

"I exude confidence" he told The Star.

"I know how to win. I have been on winning teams, I have coached winning teams. I think that will rub off to the players.

Straight to work: Tom Barrasso

"I will enthuse the players with the confidence necessary to become better and we will get better as a team."

The last part of that self-analysis is key.

Tom Barrasso has set himself a simple but  hopefully achievable target.

Slowly but surely, he intends to use every drill, every practice, every game...and every hour God sends to make improvements to the players performances.

He wants the existing roster to thrive but won't be afraid to bring in new blood if it improves the chances of emulating what he achieved last year, winning the league with Asiago in Italy, in a "development" league which is regarded slightly inferior to the EIHL.

Barrasso revealed he had agreed on a Sheffield contract just to the end of the current season.

But he might be of a mind to extend it, if the going is good.

"Absolutely, the idea of coming was to show Tony (Smith; owner) exactly what he was getting in bringing me in as a coach but more importantly give myself an opportunity to show that I am prepared to coach a team at this level."

His first challenge in the EIHL is to get a favourable result at Nottingham Panthers, on Saturday.

"We are looking forward to getting into game conditions' the 53-year-old said.

"We've got a lot of work to do over the next few days, once we get that work done we are looking forward to test ourselves to see what we have retained of what we have been working on and then we'll keep pushing forward with trying to get better each day."

He said that the lack of wins will be addressed by: "Not giving up many goals and we will spend more time in the offensive zone with the puck.

"Whether they are pretty goals or they are going in off somebody's rear end I am not really concerned at the moment."

Barrasso was one of the most decorated NHL goalies in history, but he wants to cherish more success as a coach.

"Winning a championship in Italy both as the Cup Italia champion three years ago and then winning the Alpine championship last year...they were rewarding for me.

'But more importantly the happiness I have for the players that they are able to achieve that is really the reason you coach.

"I have enjoyed watching the players I have worked with be successful.'

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