Video: Paul Thompson says Sheffield Steelers' owner has supported far

Is this the goal that saved Paul Thompson's bacon?

Thursday, 27th September 2018, 8:22 am
Updated Thursday, 27th September 2018, 8:27 am
Josh Pitt scores the game-winning penalty shot. Pic: Dean Woolley

The Sheffield Steelers' coach was looking at the prospect of another home loss until Josh Pitt rifled home a winning penalty shot on Wednesday. At the other end goalie Jackson Whistle had one more than his share to keep 'Thommo' in post.

But while the 3-2 result was a positive, there were few others around, in the boss's eyes.

Asked if he'd felt the axe had been hovering over him at 0-2, said: "I don't control that. I was just angry, we are so soft around our own net, we don't battle to score goals or to stop goals. The quality is obviously lacking at this point. It can't carry on. Soft, play. Short cuts, not stopping on pucks, not going to the hard areas, I'm sick of this 'confidence, this that and the other' I've tried everything with this group. We are going to have to bring guys in who can finish their chances, it's as simple as that."

Thompson admitted he didn't have faith in the group he himself assembled: "Not on today's showing, no. They are going to have to earn that."

He added owner Tony Smith had been: "Very, very supportive and we'll see where it goes. But if it carries on like this we all know what will happen. And it can't carry on like this.'

The Steeler brand is missing and the coach recognised that by saying they need "a little more passion, a little more commitment. Make a play..have a battle..hit somebody..Dive in front of a puck. It's not enough right now.

Josh Pitt scores the game-winning penalty shot. Pic: Dean Woolley

"If it wasn't for Jackson Whistle it (the Stars result) is a different story. Were a million miles away from where we need to be. We're trying hard to get Dowdy back, to get this other import in and maybe another import in as well."

Thompson said being the Steelers coach was "the highest pressure job in the country, by a million miles. We are three losses and three wins in the League and we are all snapping that its not good enough. And it's got to change. It can only change with personell coming in."

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