VIDEO: Meet the seven-year-old flute player who is raising funds and capturing hearts on the street of Worksop

A budding musician from Harworth has been hitting the streets to raise money for charity while showcasing her musical talents.

Amelia Durdy was aged just five when she was given a pink recorder for Christmas – and within days it was clear to her parents that their daughter had been blessed with a special gift.

Amelia Durdy

Amelia Durdy

Now seven, Amelia is already competent on flute and piano and dabbles in the recorder, saxophone, cello and drums.

Fiona Durdy, Amelia’s mum, said: “She just took to it straight away. It was natural to her.

“She had been having problems at school, and music gave her something to focus on.

“It quickly became her life. Soon she was playing music all day, every day, and she blossomed in confidence and became 10,000 times happier.”

“But it gets a bit boring playing to yourself and as Amelia became better and better on her instruments she wanted to perform in front of an audience.

“Tentatively”, Fiona and Amelia took to the streets for their first busking experience in October.

Amelia received instant support and admiration from passers-by.

Remarkably, she raised enough donations through busking to donate about half a tonne of food to Bassetlaw Food Bank over the Christmas period.

Fiona said: “Amelia thrives off performing and any attention she receives for her music.

“On top of that, she likes having a chat with those who stop to watch her play.

“From the busking, she was even invited to play at several nursing homes around Christmas time.

“I asked her what she wanted to do with the money she had raised and we agreed it would be lovely to give something back to a local charity.”

Amelia is now having lessons with Doncaster Jazz Centre and has made it through to the semi-finals of a talent show in Rotherham.

Fiona said: “Who knows what the future holds.

“I can see her picking up her flute and going wherever she likes, conquering the world.”

Amelia, who has a younger brother and sister, said: “I love music.

“I love to sit down at the piano or on the flute and just play away. It takes over.

“ I would love to be a professional musician when I grow up.

“I wouldn’t mind playing in a big orchestra, but I do love playing on my own.”

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