VIDEO FOOTAGE: Overturned Asda lorry in Mansfield Woodhouse causes traffic chaos

An overturned Asda lorry on a busy Mansfield Woodhouse road is expected to keep the road closed for hours and traffic is already bumper-to-bumper in all directions.

Thursday, 17th December 2015, 12:52 pm
An Asda lorry has overturned in Mansfield Woodhouse.

The incident took place shortly before 11am on Leeming Lane in Mansfield Woodhouse at its junction with Peafield Lane and Sandgate Lane.

The lorry brought down a traffic light and barriers - but no other vehicles were involved in the accident.

Hundreds of alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and tinned items were left on the road as the HGV turned on its side.

Sergeant Bailey from Nottinghamshire Police, who is at the scene, said they are still unsure why ot happened.

He said: “We can’t say what the cause is just yet, but we know the road will be closed for a few hours.

“No other vehicles were involved as far as we’re aware.”

The lorry driver is uninjured but has been taken to hospital for a check-up.

An Asda lorry has overturned in Mansfield Woodhouse.

Council workers are also at the scene to repair the traffic light and barriers.

Drivers are advised to find alternative routes if possible.

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