Video: Dinnington singing plumber releases Tour de France hit Get on Ya Bike

A Dinnington man known as the ‘singing plumber’ has released his very own Tour de France song.

The world’s most prestigious cycling race starts in Yorkshire on Saturday 5th July and to celebrate Paul Ballington, 36, of Throapham, has produced Get on Ya Bike to get folk in the mood.

The three-minute single follows his England in Brazil song that proved popular on social media with ex-England international Carlton Palmer Retweeting it to his 17,000 followers as well getting air-time on Radio Sheffield.

Paul, a father of two, said: ”With the Tour de France starting in Yorkshire this year I thought it would be a good idea.”

“I don’t think I would have done the song if it was not starting in Yorkshire.”

“I am not really much of a cycling fan and I don’t even own a bike.”

“I will probably go to see the Tour though, it would be a bit rude not too.”

The former Dinnington Comprehensive pupil produced the song at Bigdog Studios in Sheffield last week and it is littered with Yorkshire dialogue.

“It didn’t take long to put together really, only about half a day, there were just a few verses that I changed, he said.”

“There is ‘ee by gum’ and ‘push iron’ referenced in there and obviously the title itself ‘Get on Ya Bike’ which means to go away.”

“I remember the saying from a while ago and thought it was quite appropriate.”

“There is an official Tour song but that is like a pop song whereas this is a bit more different, is funnier and is for Yorkshire.”

“There were hundreds of World Cup songs but I can’t imagine there being too many Tour songs.”

Paul previously put together a Christmas song for PACT – the Parents Association of Children with Tumours and Leukaemia – which raised money to take children from Sheffield Children’s Hospital to Sundown Adventure Land for the day.

And it appears there could be more songs to come based on upcoming events.

“It’s looking that way,” Paul said.

“The Christmas song sort of put me on the map,”

“My first song was called Ten Pints of Carling and that got a lot of hits on YouTube.”

“This song got wrote a little bit later to the event than the World Cup song but somebody suggested it after England flopped in the tournament.”

So far the song has had more than 300 views on YouTube in a short space of time and the Dinnington dad is now set to work on a video to accompany the lyrics ahead of the 19km Stage 1 of the Tour - Leeds to Harrogate - followed by 201km from York to Sheffield.

Paul added: “Friends and family have shared it on Facebook and Twitter.”

“I probably won’t go as mad as I did with the World Cup song - I think I went a bit crazy last time on social media.”

“It is nice though, I am getting a bit of a reputation in the local area so it is good to get a bit of recognition.”

“They have been supportive and they want me to continue.”

“I am getting a bit of help with the video because at the moment it’s just the song.”

“I am hoping to get it on Amazon and itunes.”