VIDEO: Coalfield Crooner tribute to grappling grandad

Coalfield Crooner Jack Land Noble will do it his way on Saturday night - with a concert tribute to fund a special memorial for his late great grappling grandad.

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Barnsley fighter Jack Land, who took to the ring as ‘German’ villain Karl Von Kramer in the golden era of wrestling on ITV’s World Of Sport with Dickie Davies, died last year.

Mr Land, aged 85, who grappled alongside the likes of Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks, was the tag team partner of well-known actor, Kes star and former wrestler Brian Glover, who fought under the name Leon Aris when they appeared together as The Toffs.

Five years ago, Jack’s story was told as part of the world’s first wrestling musical, Grappling, at the Lamproom Theatre in Barnsley, written and performed by his grandson, Jack.

Now Jack, who has also sold out shows performing country classics as his alter ego the Coalfield Cowboy - see the YouTube video - is to sing his grandad's favourite easy listening songs as the Coalfield Crooner at the Lamproom on Saturday night, January 30, 2016, 7.30pm.

Tickets are £10 but now limited for the show - buy in person, call 01226 200075 or visit
He will use proceeds to fund a special memorial headstone for his grandad's grave, to feature a laser engraved image of the late sportsman as a young man in his personalised boxing shorts pose.

"We could all say our parents and grandparents deserve the very best - so that's what we're going to provide as a family for my grandfather, who was a great man," said Jack.

"His life was just so rich and full of great character.

"I'm staging The Coalfield Cowboy as a tribute to him, boxer, wrestler, Barnsley sporting hero. It features the music of his favourite easy music artists - like Tony Bennett, Frankie Laine, Matt Monro and Nat King Cole. A wealth of crooning legends. There will be laughter and I'm supported by lots of of special guests.

Barnsley's late great wrestler Jack Land and grandson Jack Land Noble

Barnsley's late great wrestler Jack Land and grandson Jack Land Noble

"It's a departure for me musically. Ive ditched the stetson and spurs - I'm wearing my best bib and tucker. Who knows, I may get the tuxedo on again and dust the dickie bow out another day but for now this is a one night only affair."

Coalfield Crooner Jack Land Noble

Coalfield Crooner Jack Land Noble